Masonry Fireplace Products | Mason-Lite | Rumford

Invite tradition and ambiance home with masonry fireplaces.

Masonry Fireplace Products | Mason-Lite | Rumford

These Masonry Fireplace Products | Mason-Lite | Rumford deliver tradition and ambiance to your home. Masonry fireplaces are available at Anderson's Masonry Hearth & Home. Available in a variety of sizes and styles these models can be used in many residential and commercial applications. Celebrate the tradition of a masonry fireplace with a new contemporary design twist or by the keeping the style classic.

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Mason-Lite Fireplaces and Masonry Products

These lightweight, Mason-Lite Masonry Fireplaces can help you add a fireplace in your master bedroom, living room or even on your outdoor patio, without large building infrastructure reinforcement. The flickering logs and inviting glow of the fire will provide you with years of ambiance and fireside gathering.

Many customers choose Mason-Lite. These units are lighter than many competitive products, which equates to fewer costs for installation and shipping and greater application flexibility. Best of all these units are 100% USA made!

Rumford Fireplaces and Masonry Products

‚ÄčTo reflect more heat, Rumford fireplaces are tall and thin. These units have straight throats to remove turbulence and transport the smoke away with little loss of heat. These fireplaces are known for their heating efficiency and their tall traditional sophistication. ‚ÄčThese fireplaces are perfect for remodels of historic houses and also for popular new home styles that celebrate classical architecture.