Media Blasting | Abrasive Blasting

Soda Blasting Equipment

Media Blasting | Abrasive Blasting

Anderson's Masonry Hearth & Home offers a variety of Media Blasting | Abrasive Blasting! This soda blasting equipment is available in many sizes and quantities. Call or visit your local Anderson's Masonry Hearth and Home today in Kalispell or Missoula, Montana! Want to save time? Ask us about our convenient local delivery options.

**Please note Anderson's Masonry Hearth and Home is unable to ship products outside of Northwest or Western, Montana.

Mineral Slag

Learn more about mineral slag media by speaking to one of experienced salespeople. Call or stop by today!

Garnet Abrasive

Garnet blasting media is offered in a range of sizes. This media is incredibly strong. It's acute shape allows it to be used in preparing a hard surface project and in other applications because it is manageable. ​

White Aluminum Oxide

White Aluminum Oxide is a destructive grit built for hard projects. This media can be used for preparing a surface, removing scales and etc. Please speak to a salesperson for more details.

Brown Aluminum Oxide ​

Brown aluminum oxide can be recirculated many times. This media should be not affected by acids or damaging environments. This product may be used for cleaning, cutting of stone and etc. ​

Glass Beads

Available in variety of sizes. Speak to a salesperson today to discuss your unique application.

Black Silicone Carbide

Black silicone carbide is an incredibly sharp, solid media that works well in a variety of projects.

Sodium Bicarbonate

Sodium Bicarbonate effectively removes surface contaminants and etc.

Plastic Blasting Media

This media is a great alternative to stripping by use of chemicals. Plastic Blasting Media is an affordable option for removing multiple layers of impurities and etc from a surface.

Cast Steel Grit

This unique media abrasive is very uniform and of premium quality. Speak to a salesperson today!

Cast Steel Shot

Speak to salesperson today to discuss Cast Steel shot media options and best application use.

Walnut Shells

Walnut shell abrasive is a soft media used to remove rust and paint, clean engines and etc. Consider using this for brass or aluminum metal applications.

Crushed Glass

Please speak a salesperson to discuss the uses and applications of crushed glass.

Corn Cob Grit

Corn cob blasting grit is a safe blasting media for fragile applications. This grit can be recycled for multiple uses.